Search Engine Optimisation for Business in Albany and Denmark

Why do I need SEO?

The Competition for Recognition

As thousands of URLs are bought and new websites are launched every day, the competition for recognition in search engines is becoming fiercer. Comprehensive, and ethical, search engine research and site optimisation can mean the difference between developing a site your friends enjoy looking at, and a site that is found by thousands of people.

With market research, keyword analysis and a solid strategy, your site will have the best possible chance of tackling the competition. Identify the sites that you are competing with for the top search position and know what it is they are doing to achieve this result. SEO should inform every aspect of content on your website, from the words and phrases you use to describe your business, to the page titles, menu items and image names.


Search Engine Optimisation Packages

An initial setup fee of 1 month is applicable with all packages. Monthly subscriptions are paid in advance. There are no contracts or tie ins with any of our packages. If you feel our service is not for you, let us know and we will cancel your subscription. If you purchase 12 months in advance we offer a 10% discount to the total. This is non- refundable payment.

Search Initiate

$225 per Month  

Search Embark

$425 per Month  

Search Unleash

$875 per Month

What a Search Engine Optimisation process involves

Market Research

This informs the goals we will set for your website. We start by determining exactly what your business goals are, and then conduct thorough market research to ensure we have the right keywords to drive value to your business. This includes an SEO analysis of your top competitors. If you have an existing site; it's at this stage we take our first ranking snapshot.

Technical Site Audit

If you have an existing site we access the strengths and weaknesses and what elements may be carried over to a new site.

SEO Strategy

You will receive strategic document to outline the aims of the SEO strategy. Presented in an easy to understand format not laden with technical SEO speak.

  1. Introduction
  2. Summary of Market Research
  3. Insights on Competition
  4. Keyword Research Summary
  5. Site Structure Proposal
  6. Proposed Long-term Goals and Timeline of Actions

Link Building

A continued effort to build incomming links to your site is an important action in your search engine optimisation strategy.

Pay Per Click Advertising Account

As an online paid advertising service, Google Adwords is the market leader. Using the keyword research and understanding of your business, we will create, and launch your Adwords account. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is completely controllable, from selecting how much you are willing to pay for a click (visit) to your site to choosing what your daily budget is going to be. When developed fully the measurability of your return on investment with Pay Per click advertising is complete. After your account is set up, you can test the market and the ongoing spend is up to you.


You will be sent an easy to understand report outlining the ranking progress of your selected keywords, PageRank and main referrers (inbound links).